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Las Margaritas


Las Margaritas

Contact: Caroline Kellems de Godoy
 Location: Moyuta, Jutiapa, Guatemala
Company: Godoys de Guatemala, S.A.
Coffee Brand: Godoys Gourmet Organic Coffee

Finca Las Margaritas belongs to Godoys de Guatemala, a medium-sized, family operated coffee business. The Godoy family is dedicated to bringing you the finest gourmet coffee from Guatemala.

The farm is located 5,000 to 6,000 feet in elevation. The farms have never been sprayed with chemical pesticides or fertilized with non-organic sources. The natural fertilizers that are used come from the coffee process itself and on-farm produced compost.  All of the coffee is shade grown, using nitrogen-fixing trees to help improve soil composition and provide a natural bird and animal refuge. The wet-mill system used on the Godoy farm recycles the water to minimize environmental impact.  All the water used after the wet-mill process is reabsorbed into the soil, where it fertilizes instead of contaminating water sources.
The family plantations were planted a century ago, on the Moyuta Volcano, near the border with El Salvador, using the original gourmet quality "bourbon" coffee beans.
The roasting facility in Guatemala City roasts coffee daily on order to insure freshness. When and order is received the coffee is roasted within 24 hours and shipped out immediately.